All About Byron Bertram

Like bird flu on an international flight, Byron Bertram is one of those comics who travels well. As much at home in front of a mincing metrosexual Vancouver crowd, as he is in rural puppy thumping Alberta. Making him undoubtedly 'pound for pound' one of the most versatile, engaging and entertaining comics in Canada today.

When he's not lifting the lid on vapid pop culture, he's looking under the hood of rural Canada and treating both to the illuminating light of his rampaging narcissistic neurosis, causing people from all walks of life to have uncontrollable noises of happiness emerge from their moving face holes, as if on command.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Byron first took to the mic in 1997, before he was even old enough to be in the venue. Since then he has developed into a crowd favorite appearing on stages in the U.K, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Holland, Japan the USA.

Having most recently worked with the likes of Zack Galifinakis; Eddie Izzard; Colin Mochare and Flight of the Concords, Byron has received rave reviews for his one man show Guilt Ridden Sociopath. Whilst his flourishing acting career has seen him star in Fox television's Alcatraz; Once Upon A Time with Robert Carlyle, and land a role in Tim Burton's new movie, Big Eyes.

Late Breaking Byron News

Byron is co costing the "Dry Shave show" comedy podcast every week now at DryShave Show give it a listen and don't forget to subscribe.

Byron Bertram Headlines

Byron Bertram Headlines the "Sleeping in Our Car Tour" August 13th in Vancouver

My latest advert is up. Funny and for a good cause.


Byron is gonna play a drunk guy looking for the toilet in the new Tim Burton movie "BIG EYES" perfect casting I must say

Byron back at Edinburgh Fringe!

Byron Bertram Performing at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Byron is gonna be returning to Edinburgh this year for his one man show "Relaxed and Paranoid" at Caberet Voltaire at this years festival from August 8-26th.

Byron at Busker fest in Vancouver!

Check out "Byron from England" all Canada weekend long on Granville Street at the Vancouver Busker Festival

Headlining the Rio Theatre!

Byron Bertram will be Headlining the Rio Theatre Post Valentines Day Break Up show and live DVD taping Feb 22-23. Early bird tickets available now at

Headlining Goldies in Vancouver!

Come see Byron performing tons of new stuff from his European tour at Goldies this Saturday Oct 13th

Nyquil Ad back on the air

Byron Bertram's Nyquil ad has been picked up for another cold season for his portrayal of the everyman emasculated dumpy sick fat husband that is so popular with women all over Canada. Female Chauvinism pays the bills.
Check it out!

Back from European tour

Byron Bertram performed his one man show "Guilt Ridden Sociopath" at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Massive success for the audiences who came and liked it. To those who didn't I guess it wasn't a massive success for them"

Performing at CBC Studios

On July 8th I'll be performing at CBC Studios downtown Vancouver at 8:30pm. Why not come on down and check out the show? The address is: 700 Hamilton Street Should be a laugh and a half.

Byron made a present...

I was just in a commercial for Huggies. Fourteen hour shoot day, and I only needed to be changed once! I'm a big kid now!

Australian Tour - Massive Success

Poster for Byron's one man show, Guilt Ridden Sociopath

Just returned from a whirl wind tour of my one man show Guilt Ridden Sociopath in Australia. It was a smashing success, I guess it's a good thing my expectations were so low. I LOVE me a half empty glass of pessimism.